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Here is an example of Domain Name Manager and options available:

Hosting Package Virtual Domains Default Page Sub-domains Transfers Registrations
Business 3 3 3 10 Unlimited
Professional 3 3 3 10 Unlimited
Personal 3 3 3 10 Unlimited
Starter 3 3 3 5 Unlimited
Free 0 0 0 1 Unlimited

Explanation of Terms

Virtual Domains

Virtual domains allow you to specify a different directory structure for any additional domain you add to your Web site. The additional domains can be a registered domain (, or a sub-domain off of your registered domain ( This enables you to have a site within a site. The URL will appear as the virtual domain although it is technically another directory within your primary domain's site.

Default Page

Instead of creating a Virtual Domain, you can simply redirect any domain to an HTML page within the directory structure of your primary domain.


When you have a registered domain added to your Web site, you can create sub-domains under that domain.

Domain Transfers

If you already own a domain and want to add it to the Domain Manager, you can easily do so. Simply change the nameservers and transfer it to your primary domain. By default, every domain you add will point to the primary domain. Depending on your upgrade level, you can then choose to create a Virtual Domain or change the Default Page of the newly transferred domain. Transferring the domain to the Domain Manager does NOT change the registrars of this domain.

Domain Registrations

If you wish to register a domain through us, you can do so quickly and easily. If done through the Domain Manager, the new domain will automatically point to your primary domain. You can register an unlimited number of domains through our registration service and point them to your site. These new domains can then be made into a Virtual Domain or changed to a different Default Page.

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