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---== Free Website Hosting & Domain Hosting Service Description ==--- Web Hosting Features : Web Site and E-mail Advertising

Members taking advantage of our FREE Web hosting packages agree to display banner ads on every page of their site, present occasional pop-up ads and receive E-mail advertising from select sponsors offering valuable services. This is how we compensate for providing a free hosting service. As long as your free account remains active, we reserve the right to send special offers and display all types of advertising on your Web site according to the needs of our advertisers.

Many of our users appreciate the emails and take advantage of the specials, however, if you would rather discontinue receiving the advertisements, you can easily upgrade to ANY of our Premium Cheap Web Hosting Services and enjoy the removal of all banners and E-mail advertising. All upgraded members are removed from the special offers email list and will still receive monthly newsletters or special service announcements only.

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